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About us
  • Jiangsu jushun Chain Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the development and production of high-strength, high-precision middle and high-end ring chain. In recent years, the company has successfully developed 304 (L)/316 (L) high strength and high precision stainless steel circular chain and nuclear reactor circular chain produced by fully automatic chain equipment, and has been mass-produced and sold. 304 (L) / 316 (L) high strength and high precision stainless steel chain can be widely used in electric hoist chain, acid pool hoisting, offshore wind power, corrosive environment, sewage pump lifting and other industries and fields.  
The company's technical team is led by senior engineers who have been engaged in R & D, process and production management of high-strength chain for nearly 30 years. At the same time, the company has more than 30 senior technical workers and technicians. The production technology is mature and advanced, and the production process is strictly controlled.

The company solemnly promises that every link of our chain has passed the manufacturing verification force tensile test of 2.4 times (European standard) rated working load (WLL) to ensure that our chain rings are perfect.

The company has more than 50 sets of automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, such as chain knitting, welding chain, heat treatment, surface treatment, tension correction machine, etc., as well as more than 100 sets of testing equipment, such as 100 tons and 200 tons tension machine, and more than 100 sets of various tooling fixtures and cutting tools.

We uphold the business philosophy of manufacturing high-quality and high-strength chain, and create value for customers to use our products for a long time.

Our products are sent to Jiangsu special safety protection products quality supervision and Inspection Center for tensile test every year, and get qualified test report.

For more than ten years, our products have been verified by a large number of high-quality customers at home and abroad. Now it has become our long-term partner. We not only have high-quality domestic customers such as Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, XCMG group, CRRC, Baosteel, Nangang, Shagang, Shougang, CSSC and CLP, but also export our products to the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other countries.

Jschain, excellent ring; Jschain industry, good for people first.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you for a win-win situation.


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Jschain stainless steel chain

Fully automatic equipment production, high strength and high strength
Precision stainless steel. They can be widely used in the electrical field.

Lifting chain, acid pool lifting, offshore wind power generation,

Poultry slaughter line.
Jiangsu jushun Chain Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the development and production of high-strength and high-precision middle and high-end circular chain.Stainless steel hoist chain...

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