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Technical Documents

  • GB lifting chain Specifications Table
    GB lifting chains in the lifting chain specification process, the country is related specifications. A, size 1, the diameter of the finished material of any material diameter of a section of the link should be equal to the nominal dimensions, tolerances should meet the relevant standards. When measured, the results of two measurements should be taken in the same cross-section perpendicular to each other in average. Measuring weld should be avoided, and the straight edge of the link, to avoid chain contact with the core die due to deformation of the cross section of the measurement results. 2, the length dimension of other chain link chain link, and the width of the chain pitch and high accuracy of several links shall comply with the relevant standards.
  • Daily use of lifting chain maintenance Introduction
    1. The sprocket wheel mounted on the shaft and the swing should not skewed. In the same two end faces of the sprocket drive assembly should lie in the same plane, sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters, tolerance 1 mm; sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters above the tolerance
  • What material production and properties of stainless steel chains available
    Stainless steel chain, but as a further common transmission element, the material will be different, although the same structure are used, but also of different materials such that the performance difference is large stainless steel chain. I do not know the difference in what areas. Stainless steel chain by chain hyperbolic arc designed to achieve the purpose of reducing friction, it can be applied to a relatively large force while running slower place; stainless steel chains and other transmission components is compared to the superior many.
  • Carbon and stainless steel chain oil on how to deal with
    When the use of stainless steel chain in machinery and equipment in time, they will be attached to some of the dirt, most of them are some coke and oil. The stainless steel chain and there are a lot of dead ends clean, so these coke and oil will be very difficult to clear up, how can we make it easier? If found to have carbon deposition on stainless steel chain, we must ensure that the chain without harm to be removed, it would appear that only the use of chemical and mechanical methods.
  • Rust spots on stainless steel chains should be how to deal with
    Although stainless steel chain, stainless steel chain but once we often in a humid environment, or encounter other corrosive liquids, etc., our stainless steel chain will be more or less rust appears. So how do we deal with the phenomenon of rust stainless steel chains do. Here's to look for treatment with a small series we Huasheng stainless steel chain. Use pickling paste stainless steel chain is a common method for removal of rust, why so popular, it is because it is the greatly improved surface finish of the chain, which chain and further a passivation film formed on the surface, this way, we stainless steel chain life is also extended.
  • Why use the lifting chain can not be welded
    Chain lifting chain can be widely used in mining, lifting chain security is high, but the chain does not use welding, let's take a detailed analysis. Lifting chain is composed of a plurality of links, each link of the size of the pitch is predetermined, above with a lifting chain, these data should be equal, but if it is after the welding, the welding link data with other non-welded link data will be different, thereby affecting the life of the lifting chain.
  • How to make safe use of lifting chain
    Lifting chain when the job is often used sling, sling is a combination of hook and cable chain made. When the crane work, the chain will act on the gourd, this simple interaction that can be done daily operations. Focus on lifting chain safety regulations, but also concerned about a lot of other questions, such as: lifting chain specifications, manufacturers lifting chain, lifting chain factories, lifting the chain of national standards and other issues, this article focuses on the description from the heavy chain safety rules.
  • The method of calculating the required length of the measurement lifting chain
    Lifting the chain length is to be adjusted according to the lifting chain hoist lifting height thereof, the measurement accuracy required lifting chain of certain methods and techniques.
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