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Why use the lifting chain can not be welded

Views: 1     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-06-09      Origin: Lifting chain

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Lifting chainThe chain is widely used in mining, lifting chain security is high, but the chain does not use welding, let's take a detailed analysis.

Lifting chain is composed of a plurality of links, each link of the size of the pitch is predetermined, above with a lifting chain, these data should be equal, but if it is after the welding, the welding link data with other non-welded link data will be different, thereby affecting the life of the lifting chain.

A chain will be obvious signs after welding, but the process is performed in the lifting, the lifting sprocket chain run, the data link is increased to increase the wear of the chain and sprocket, to reduce its service life.

Second, the welding would destroy the integrity of the chain, carry out the work of lifting, loading capacity of welded parts will be weakened, increasing the risk of breaking the chain.

These are the reasons for lifting the chain can not be welded using the introduction, widely used lifting chain, if you need, please call our advice.

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