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What material production and properties of stainless steel chains available

Views: 2     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-07-09      Origin: Stainless steel chain

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Stainless steel chainAs a further common transmission element, however, the materials have different, although the same structure are used, but also of different materials such that the performance difference is large stainless steel chain. I do not know the difference in what areas.

Stainless steel chain by chain hyperbolic arc designed to achieve the purpose of reducing friction, it can be applied to a relatively large force while running slower place; stainless steel chains and other transmission components is compared to the superior many.

In practice, there is the use of high-quality stainless steel chain or 1Cr18Ni9Ti SS304 manufactured from stainless steel, stainless steel chain these materials with acid, alkali, heat and cold, long life characteristics, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing, silk destroy other machinery, and for a variety of supporting export machinery.

However, some austenitic stainless steel chain as a main material, such as 304, 316, 316L and the like, which is more prominent superior corrosion resistance, so this type of stainless steel chain capable of acid, alkali and -40 ° -600 ° the high and low temperature applications in use. More noteworthy is that the chain 316L stainless steel material, in addition to the corrosion resistance, there are diamagnetic and better adaptability to temperature.

Further, stainless steel is martensitic stainless steel chain type commonly used materials, such as 2Cr13 like. Stainless steel chain made with this material not only has good corrosion resistance, but also with the strength of steel with the same carbon content, it is also widely used.

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