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The method of calculating the required length of the measurement lifting chain

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Lifting chainThe length is to be adjusted according to the lifting chain hoist lifting height thereof, the measurement accuracy required lifting chain of certain methods and techniques.

The first step, before measuring chain to be cleaned;

A second step, the measured chain around sprockets on both top and bottom of the chain to be measured is supported;

A third step of lifting the chain to be applied before measurement ㄧ thirds minimum ultimate tensile load state stays at 1min;

A fourth step of the measurement, applies a predetermined measuring load on the chain, the upper and lower sides of the chain tensioner shall ensure normal chain sprocket tooth.;

The fifth step, measuring two sprocket center distance.

The following is a description of the method for measuring the elongation of the chain:

1. To remove the entire chain of clearance measured under a certain degree is applied to the pulling tension in the chain;

2. measurement, in order to minimize the error in the local section (link) measurement of 6-10;

L1 and l2 inner dimension between the outer roller 3. The number of measuring sections, in order to determined the size of l = (l1 + l2) / 2;

4. The extended length of the chain is determined, and the value of the item before the chain elongation using the limit value as a comparison (chain elongation = size determination - the length of the reference / reference length * 100% * reference pitch length of the chain = Section number).

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