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Rust spots on stainless steel chains should be how to deal with

Views: 0     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-06-24      Origin: Stainless steel chain

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Although it isStainless steel chainBut once our stainless steel chains often in a humid environment, or encounter other corrosive liquids, etc., our stainless steel chain will be more or less rust appears. So how do we deal with the phenomenon of rust stainless steel chains do. Here's to look for treatment with a small series we Huasheng stainless steel chain.

Use pickling paste stainless steel chain is a common method for removal of rust, why so popular, it is because it is the greatly improved surface finish of the chain, which chain and further a passivation film formed on the surface, this way, we stainless steel chain life is also extended.

Such descaling method is applicable to most chemical machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, pressure vessels and other manufacturing industries. The use of pickling paste operation we simply tell you, we first pickling paste is applied on a surface of a stainless steel chain, remember, this time we coating thickness between 0.5-2mm control, time control over 3-10 minutes, if using low temperature in winter, or below 0 ℃ oxide or thick-skinned, the time may be extended. In the course of this process, it is proposed scrub with a brush more than a few times, until we have stainless steel surface oxide chain completely removed after this time then water, can also be better for stainless steel chain rinse with lime or alkali, such The purpose is to avoid return to rust.

These are the small series today summarize relevant content, hope to have some help to you. If you still do not understand please feel free to call us, please feel free to also focus on updating our site, we will continue to provide more professional knowledge you for your review.

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