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Reduce the lifting chain wear should pay attention to what

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Lifting chainThe wear is caused by the loss, reduced an important issue in its performance, reduce wear and tear requires a multifaceted note the following points for your reference:

A reasonable adjustment of the chain length. Lifting chain length adjustment to limit the standard of care, increase the length of the chain will lead to more heavy rock.

Second, the prohibition of the use of overloading. Increasing load will increase wear between chain rings.

Third, reasonable lubrication. Lubrication can effectively reduce the coefficient of friction of the lifting chain, the higher the quality of the lubricating oil, the low impurity content, the better its loss prevention effect.

Fourth, pay attention to cleaning, rust and rust. Dust, impurities in the chain to clean up, reduce wear and prevent corrosion, rusting chain will increase the friction, so rust, rust work place is also very necessary.

Fifth, the lifting chain to ensure quality, reasonable choice. Quality chain has good durability, not easy to wear and tear, select the relevant factors are also important for reducing wear the right size, the right materials and so on.

Reduce the lifting crane operator for chain wear is very good, to extend the service life is one of the important measures and carry out lubrication in some sense equivalent to improve the quality chain.

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