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Lifting chain rigging lubrication method step analysis

Views: 0     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-04-12      Origin: Lifting chain

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As we all know,Lifting chainRigging flexible tape and there is a big difference, flexible tape is woven from high-tenacity filaments made of polyester, having a wear-resistant, anti-oxidation properties. The lifting chain rigging ring is made of metal and assembled by welding, compared to the flexible tape is easier in terms of wear and oxidation, then to ensure that lifting chain rigging life, we need to chain rigging lubricant to reduce wear and the opportunity to oxidation. belowLAM ShunTo introduce lifting chain rigging lubrication method steps.

1, each cleaning, wiping or washing after lifting chain with a solvent, be sure to add lubricants.

2, before the oil, make sure the chain is dry.

3, lubricate the chain Rigging way

(1) may be applied using lubricated chain. After heating the butter flowing into the bypass drive friction surface, such method comprising lubricating a little more thorough, and strong adhesion butter, use a longer time.

(2) lubricate the chain with a brush. Step using a brush or oiler filling oil for the chain, 8 hours as much as possible in the operating state.

(3) drop lubrication chain. The step of using a drip cup as droplets between the two hinge plates, and the amount of fuel cycle should be sufficient to prevent the lubricating oil at the hinge links do not change color.

(4) spray lubrication chain. Spray lubrication each drive chain is a continuous supply of oil flow, the oil should be added to the inner link, the link plates are aligned precisely at the contact ring, on the side of a uniform width along the chain guide the chain slack.

4, the lubricating oil permeation chain bearing point, and then treat it becomes sticky or drying. This is really easy to lubricate the chain wear parts.

5, confirm whether the use of a suitable lubricant, you can pour some in the hand test. Good lubricants, beginning feels like water (penetration), but after some time it will become sticky or dry (permanently lubricated).

6, in order to avoid the accumulation of excess oil clog, only key parts of the chain oil. After oil, it will reduce wear and abnormal noise when the chain running.

7, elsewhere in the chain just use a little oil to rust.

8, the surface of the chain wipe excess lubricant.

9, to shift the vehicle concerned, in the same manner also noted that after shifting pulleys, gears and a flywheel. Applying the same principles to maintain and lubricate these parts.

10, after the lubricating oil, with a dry cloth to wipe excess oil to the chain, can be attached to prevent dirt and dust. Replace the chain before, remember to clean the chain connection to each other, to ensure that no residual dirt. After cleaning the chain, the joint prior to assembly, the inner and outer spindles shall in some lubricants.

As described above, in the coating film to abrasion hoist rigging chain rigging lubricants but such reduction may be chains from oxygen and metal contacts, greatly reduces the possibility of oxidation. Thus extending the life of the lifting chain rigging.

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