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How to make safe use of lifting chain

Views: 0     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-06-03      Origin: Lifting chain

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Lifting chainWhen the job is often used sling, sling is a combination of hook and cable chain made. When the crane work, the chain will act on the gourd, this simple interaction that can be done daily operations.

Focus on lifting chain safety regulations, but also concerned about a lot of other questions, such as: lifting chain specifications, manufacturers lifting chain, lifting chain factories, lifting the chain of national standards and other issues, this article focuses on the description from the heavy chain safety rules.

First, when the work of lifting the chain on the sliding spool, to control its speed, a suitable speed of 1m / s.

Second, lifting the chain during use, as far as possible vertical lifting.

Third, the chain during use, to avoid excessive amplitude of vibration, using a standard note.

Fourth, the chain for wear and cracks in the pre-use check chain joints and chain.

While that is simple to use several criteria, but encompasses rules for safe use of lifting chain, it is a summary of the accumulated long operation safety awareness.

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