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GB lifting chain Specifications Table

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GBLifting chainIn lifting chain specification process, the country is related specifications


1Material diameter

A cross-sectional diameter of the material according to any of the finished chain link should be equal to the nominal dimensions, tolerances should meet the relevant standards. When measured, the results of two measurements should be taken in the same cross-section perpendicular to each other in average. Measuring weld should be avoided, and the straight edge of the link, to avoid chain contact with the core die due to deformation of the cross section of the measurement results.

2Other size chain ring

Length, width and high-precision pitch chain links and a plurality of link shall comply with the relevant standards.

two,Material, heat treatment and manufacture


Chain material shall comply with the requirements of the relevant standards. Under the premise to meet these requirements, the manufacturer should select a steel material, in order to comply with the relevant standards chain finished mechanical requirements.

2Heat Treatment

All manufacturing chain verification before force is applied, all relevant standards should be heat-treated.


3.1, The manufacturing process or flat weld should be symmetrical central link. In the link points on either side of the central limb, the influence of the welding material size standards shall not exceed a predetermined value. Weld nowhere to be offset so that the outer link profiles generated recess.

3.2,trim3.2.1., Should clear the chain flat welding ribs formed weld.3.2.2.Asymmetrical ring welding the outer surface of the chain link should be removed since the welding rib is formed, the inner surface of the retention ribs.

Picture 1

4surface condition

If coated, finished chain include a surface coating.

5Manufacturing force validation(MPF)

And heat treatment process is completed, the finished product should be subjected to a chain for producing a predetermined force verification standards. Tester shall comply with AppendixARequirements. Chain placed in the tester when no twist. After verifying the force is removed, should be carefully tested by competent, replacing failed link. When the toggle chains which should be flexible rotation. When using pickling or plating surface treatment process, there is the risk of brittle chain, producing cope finished chain verification force reapplied. In order to test the force applied to the chain after verification, it should provide suitable equipment and lighting.

6Manufacturing process of an access link

Any of access links to ensure that the finished product should be treated in each chain link has the same state. If that portion of the chain link in the access authentication after manufacture force is applied by the impact of the access process to be subjected to re-verification force manufacturing and testing.

7Breaking force(BF)And total ultimate elongation(A)

Finished chain breaking force and total ultimate elongation should at least meet the requirements of the relevant standards.


The minimum bending resistance of the finished chain link should meet the relevant standards.

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