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Daily use of lifting chain maintenance Introduction

Views: 3     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-07-15      Origin: Lifting chain

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1. The sprocket wheel mounted on the shaft and the swing should not skewed. In the same two end faces of the sprocket drive assembly should lie in the same plane, sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters, tolerance 1 mm; sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters above the tolerance 2 mm. But it does not allow the sprocket tooth flank friction phenomena, if two compiled move too easily off the chain and produce accelerated wear. Care must be taken to check and adjust the offset when replacing the sprocket.

2.Lifting chainTightness should be appropriate, too tight an increase in power consumption, bearing wear; the chain is too loose and easy to beat off the chain. It is the tightness of the chain: from lifting or pressing the middle of the chain, two sprocket center distance of about 2% to 3%.

3. The new long or lifting chain after elongation by the use of difficult adjustment, remove the link can look at the situation, but must be even. Should pass through the back surface of the chain link, is inserted in the outer locking piece, the lock piece to be open toward a direction opposite to the rotation.

4. sprocket badly worn, should also be replaced with new sprocket and new chain, to ensure good engagement. Not just a single new replacement chain or sprocket. Otherwise it will cause accelerated wear of the new chain engages a bad or a new sprocket. It should be used upside rear sprocket tooth wear to a certain degree (refer adjustable sprocket surface used). To extend the use of time.

The old lifting chain can not be mixed with the upper part of the new chain, or prone to impact in the drive, pull off the chain.

6. Lifting chain at work to remember to add oil. And the lubricating oil must fit into the roller gap and the inner sleeve, so as to improve working conditions, to reduce wear.

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