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Carbon and stainless steel chain oil on how to deal with

Views: 0     Author: LAM Shun chain industry     Publish Time: 2021-06-30      Origin: Stainless steel chain

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Stainless steel chainThe use of mechanical equipment in time, they will be attached to some of the dirt, most of them are some coke and oil. The stainless steel chain and there are a lot of dead ends clean, so these coke and oil will be very difficult to clear up, how can we make it easier?

If found to have carbon deposition on stainless steel chain, we must ensure that the chain without harm to be removed, it would appear that only the use of chemical and mechanical methods. So-called chemical methods, stainless steel chain is directly immersed in the prepared chemical solution, until the parts after release the softening of coke removed and erased with a brush or cotton yarn, after the wash with hot water.

Mechanically cleared stainless steel chain, is the use of a wire brush, blade eradication coke and other tools, by contrast, a mechanical method is simple, but it is difficult to completely remove coke, and oil may be such that the cleaning of stainless steel chain process damaged.

If the contaminated stainless steel chain, but not the oil coke, it is necessary to change the cleaning methods, for example, an organic solvent and an alkaline solution can be cleared, such as stainless steel chains recover clean new surfaces and good performance, thereby ensuring better use.

When using a stainless steel chain, in addition to keep it clean, we should also pay attention to the strength of the joint, if the strength is mainly the then try not to use, so as not to affect the future use of stainless steel chain effect.

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